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Church accounting management, Financial Statements


    Church accounting and financial management is in fact a complicated and professional work. It usually scare off church workers. When the in/out payments and accounts of the church becomes complex, complete financial statements to auditors will not be easy job. Therefore a good church accounting software is essential. The ACTS church management software comes with an accounting module which is well designed compare with those accounting software in the market and is completely free of charge. It includes church finance and accounting management functions designed properly to handle accounts and year-end financial statements.

Setup the church accounting accounts

  • Enter the church accounts according to accouting principle
  • All the church incomes, expenses and financial bank accounts can be setup here
  • Unlimited account code level
Accounting account

Enter Vouhcer

  • Each financial in and out can be input as voucher
  • ACTS church accounting designs follow standard accounting software. Users should have a clear view on how to set up the debit and credit side of the accounts

Setup Voucher Template

  • If you have the same kind of voucher every month, you can setup voucher template to simplify the input. When input a new voucher, you can select the template so that to reduce the error of input to improve the effectiveness of accounting management
Voucher Template

Financial statements - Trial Balance

  • Trial Balance can assist users to compare the accounts sum
  • Report can be exported to Excel format to do further processing
Church Trial Balance

Financial statements - Profit and Loss / Income Statement

  • Income statement can express the monthly expenditure and revenue within the church
  • Report can be exported to Excel format to do further processing
Church Profit and Loss

Financial statements - Balance Sheet

  • The balance sheet summarizes the total assets within the church
  • Report can be exported to Excel format to do further processing
Church Balance Sheet

Church accounting and accounting software references

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